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Introduction of Academic Staff
Name Fei Liu Sex female
Professional Title Associate Professor
Designation   Associate Professor
Education   PhD Degree
Tel   +86-0411-84685940(FAX)
Address   457 Zhongshan Road, Dalian 116023

Fei LIU was born in Benxi, Liaoning province in 1979. She received her BS degree from University of Montpellier in 2005 and PhD degree from University of Poitiers in 2010. The topic of her PhD thesis is “Fluorination reactions of unsaturated amine derivatives in superacid”. From 2010 to 2011, she worked as Post-doc in University of Technology of Compiègne/School of Chemistry Organic and Mineral (Supervisors: Pr. Christophe Len). Then she joined the research group of Prof. Francois Jerome in department of chemistry of university of Poitiers. In 01/2014, she returned to china and joined Dalian Institute of chemical Physics as an associated professor.

Selection of recent publications:

1. Selectivity enhancement in the acid-catalyzed conversion of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural induced by choline chloride

F. Liu, M. Audemar, D. Cartigny, J-M. Clacens, A. Padua, M. C. Gomes, K. De Oliveira Vigier, F. Decampob, F. Jérôme.

Green Chem. 2013, 15, 3205–3213

2. Catalytic etherification of glycerol with short chain alkyl alcohols in the presence of Lewis acids

F. Liu, K. De Oliveira Vigier, M. Pera-Titus, Y. Pouilloux, J-M Clacens, F. Decampo, F. Jérôme

Green Chem. 2013, 2013, 15, 901–909 (Top 10 most accessed articles in February 2013) .

3. Dehydration of Highly Concentrated Solutions of Fructose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural in a Cheap and Sustainable Choline Chloride/Carbon Dioxide System

F. Liu, J. Barrault, K. De Oliveira Vigier, F. Jerome

ChemSusChem, 2012, 5 (7), 1223–1226.

4. Carbonic anhydrases inhibitory effects of new benzenesulfonamides synthesized by using superacid chemistry

F. Liu, A. Martin-Mingot, F. Lecornue, M-P. Jouannetaud, A. Maresca, S. Thibaudeau, C. T. Supuran.

Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 2012, 27 (6), 886-891.

5. Selective Synthesis of Gem-chlorofluorinated Nitrogen Containing Derivatives after Superelectrophilic Activation in Superacid HF/SbF5

F. Liu, A. Martin-Mingot, M-P. Jouannetaud, C. Bachmann, S. Thibaudeau

Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2011, 76 (5), 1460–1463.

6. Synthesis of 4-Aminobenzofused Sultams via Sequential Superacid/Copper Catalysed Reactions

F. Liu, N. Yohan Musadji, F. Lecornue, M-P. Jouannetaud, S. Thibaudeau

Tetrahedron, 2010, 66, 7112-7118.

7. Superelectrophilic activation in superacid HF/SbF5 and synthesis of benzofused sultams

F. Liu, A. Martin-Mingot, M-P. Jouannetaud, F. Zunino, S. Thibaudeau

Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 868-871.

8. Substitution effect on the hydrofluorination reaction of unsaturated amines in superacid HF/SbF5

F. Liu, A. Martin-Mingot, M-P. Jouannetaud, O. Karam, S. Thibaudeau

Org. Biomol. Chem., 2009, 22, 4789-4797.

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