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Work on new application of single atom catalyst in De-NOx
was published in Chem. Commun.
  Author:Hui Sun   Date:4/14/2015 Visited: 1138

A paper titled "Little do more: a highly effective Pt1/FeOx single-atom catalyst for the reduction of NO by H2" delivered by Dr. Jian Lin was published in Chemical Communications.

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Supported Pt-group-metal (PGM) catalysts are effective for the reduction of NOx by H2 at temperatures lower than 300 oC, which has attracted great attention as an alternative deNOx route. One problem with Pt-based catalysts is that a high selectivity toward N2O is typically observed, resulting in a low N2 selectivity. In this work, we found that a Pt-SAC catalyst, even with approximately 20 times lower Pt loading when compared with the Pt-Nano catalyst, exhibited higher NO conversion and selectivity toward N2 at a wide temperature range (200-280oC). It was suggested that stronger adsorption of NO and higher amount of oxygen vacancies on Pt-SAC than that on Pt-Nano may favour the dissociation of NO to N(ad) and O(ad), thus consequently giving rise to higher N2 selectivity. This work will help to design more active deNOx catalyst, especially the single-atom catalyst and also indicates the advantage of single atom sites in control of targeted products.

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