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Ph.D. student Fang Chen's paper was accepted by Catalysis Communications
  Author:Fang Chen   Date:11/11/2014 Visited: 1322

A paper titled "Solvent-free synthesis of C9 and C10 branched alkanes with furfural and 3-pentanone from lignocellulose" delivered by Chen Fang was accepted by Catalysis Communications.

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In this work, jet fuel range branched alkanes were first synthesized under solvent-free conditions by the aldol condensation of furfural and 3-pentanone from lignocellulose followed by the one-step hydrodeoxygenation (HDO). Compared with the traditional furfural-acetone route, this route was conducted under solvent-free conditions. By the catalysis of cheap metal catalysts (CaO and Ni-Cu/SiO2), C9 and C10 branched alkanes were obtained. These alkanes have low freezing points (174.1 K and 159.8 K) and can be blended into jet fuel without hydroisomerization.

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