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A feature article on gold bimetallic catalysts was selected as
"Top 25 Hottest Articles"
  Author:Xiaoyan Liu   Date:9/2/2014 Visited: 1288

The world-class experts on catalysis were invited to write feature articles for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the J. Catal.. Prof. T. Zhang was invited to give a brief review on the catalysis of gold bimetallic catalysts titled "Understanding the synergistic effects of gold bimetallic catalysts" (Wang, A.; Liu, X. Y.; Mou, C. Y.; Zhang, T.*, December 2013, Volume 308, Pages 258-271).

Our research in this field has attracted world-wide attention in recent years. This feature article was selected as one of the "Top 25 Hottest Articles" by the J. Catal. in the Science Direct database.

In this special issue, our review paper was the only one accomplished by Chinese people independently.

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