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Prof. Tao Zhang Presented Invited Plenary Lecture at the 29th CCS Congress
  Author:Hui Sun   Date:8/17/2014 Visited: 2092

The 29th CCS congress was successfully held on August 4-7, 2014, at Peking University, in Beijing. It was sponsored by Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and hosted by Peking University on the theme of “Beautiful Chemistry”. It includes 41 divisions' symposia and 11 special topic forums, attracting over 8000 chemists worldwide including the chairmen and delegations of IUPAC and Chemical Societies of USA, UK, German, France and Japan, etc. Scientific papers as much as 5180 were presented. The congress has 6 plenary lectures, 896 invited talks, 1230 oral presentations and 3056 posters. It refreshed the records of attendees and divisions in CCS congresses, demonstrating the rapid developments in Chinese chemistry and its increasing international influence. Special activities such as “Chemical Leadership Forum”, “Scientific Training Course for Chemists”, “Chemical Carnival”, and “Face to Face of Students and Academicians” were held during the congress, making it more lively and amazing.

The opening ceremony was held at Peking University Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium and chaired by Prof. Zhenzhong Yang, the secretary-general of CCS. Prof. Tao Zhang presented a plenary lecture titled as “Supported Metal Catalysts--- from Nano to Sub-nano and Single Atom”. The wonderful presentation won enthusiastic applause and aroused wide interesting and valuable discussion during the congress. Prof. Tao Zhang also gave an invited perspective talk at the “Catalytic Chemistry” division titled as “The Opportunities and Challenges in Biomass Catalytic Conversion”, pointing out the future of biomass utilization.

Prof. Aiqin Wang and Prof. Yu Cong also gave invited talks in “Green Chemistry” and “Fuel and Combustion Chemistry” divisions, respectively. Dr. Xiaoyan Liu, Dr. Weizhen Li, Dr. Guoliang Xu and Dr. Junying Zhang as well also attended the congress and gave oral presentations.

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