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A paper on N2O decomposition as inside-front-cover article
in Chemical Communications
  Author:Lin Li   Date:5/15/2007   

A paper on N2O decomposition over Ir-haxaaluminate catalysts was published in the scientific journal (Chem. Comm. 2007, 1695-1697) as inside-front-cover article.

N2O catalytic decomposition, especially high concentration N2O decomposition as one of potential green propellants due to low toxicity and applicable for multi propulsion system, attracts great attention in the field of space propulsion and environmental protection, and becomes a new space dynamic technique internationally studied. However, the adiabatic decomposition temperature of pure N2O is up to ~1600 oC, catalyst deactivation due to active component loss and support sintering becomes the bottle-neck. In recent years, supported by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar (20325620), our group has devoted to the application of N2O catalytic decomposition in the field of space propulsion and environmental protection. In this paper, Tao Zhang introduced the active component Ir into the framework of haxaaluminate with high thermal stability to meet the requirement both light-off in low temperature and high thermal stability. This not only is a meaningful attempt to deal with the difficulties in application of N2O monopropellant, but also has reference meaning in NOx removal in the field of environmental protection.

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