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Selected Events
News and Events
【2018-10-08】◆  Single Cobalt Atoms Anchored on N-Doped Graphene with Dual Reaction Sites Developed for Efficient Fenton-like Catalysis
【2017-07-06】◆  DICP Researchers Publish Progress Report on Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Nano Energy
【2017-05-17】◆  A New Progress in Iron base Perovskite Structure-activity Relationship was Published in Journal of Catalysis
【2017-05-11】◆  Congratulations to Ph.D. Wenxiu Cao make new progress in single atom catalyst, which the study was published in Green Chemistry
【2017-05-10】◆  Congratulations to Ph. D. student Yujing Ren's paper was accepted by ChemComm
【2017-05-03】◆  A New Progress of Chemocatalytic Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass was Published in ChemSusChem
【2017-05-03】◆  Work on a New Progress in SelectiveHydrogenolysis of Glycerol to 1,3-Propanediol was published in ChemSusChem
【2017-03-07】◆  Researchers in DICP Made a New Progress in Gold Catalysis
【2016-04-18】◆  Ph.D. candidate Xueru Sheng’s paper was selected as one of the top 100 cited Scientific Reports articles in 2015
【2016-02-24】◆  DICP researchers made new progress in the highly dispersed metal catalysts
【2016-01-14】◆  Visit of Prof. Chung-yuan Mou from National Taiwan University
【2015-11-10】◆  New Progress in Gold Catalysis
【2015-11-03】◆  Research articles were awarded by LNAST and DLAST
【2015-04-14】◆  Work on new application of single atom catalyst in De-NOx was published in Chem. Commun.
【2014-12-22】◆  New progress in single-atom catalysis
【2014-11-18】◆  Five scientific articles were awarded by LNAST and DLAST
【2014-11-11】◆  Ph.D. student Fang Chen's paper was accepted by Catalysis Communications
【2014-09-30】◆  Ph. D. student Jinfan Yang's paper was accepted by Green Chemistry
【2014-09-29】◆  Dr. Jinming Xu's paper was accepted by Carbon
【2014-09-28】◆  Dr. Jian Lin's paper was accepted by Journal of Catalysis
【2014-09-02】◆  A feature article on gold bimetallic catalysts was selected as "Top 25 Hottest Articles"
【2014-08-21】◆  Prof. Tao Zhang Was Invited to Attend the 5th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry
【2014-08-20】◆  Ph.D. student Toto's paper was accepted by Catalysis Today
【2014-08-19】◆  Ph.D. student Toto's paper was accepted by Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
【2014-08-18】◆  Dr. Guangyi Li's paper was accepted by Energy & Fuels
【2014-08-17】◆  Prof. Tao Zhang Presented Invited Plenary Lecture at the 29th CCS Congress
【2014-01-17】◆  A study on hydrogenation of levulinic acid to 1,4-pentanediol was selected as Cover Story in Chem. Commun.
【2014-01-09】◆  Our review on SAC published in Acc. Chem. Res. attracts much international attention
【2013-12-29】◆  Dr. Changzhi Li was honored with "Min Enze Energy and Chemical Award-Youth Progress Award"
【2013-12-26】◆  Dr. Botao Qiao's paper was accepted by ChemCatChem
【2013-12-20】◆  Prof. Tao Zhang was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
【2013-12-11】◆  Ph. D. student Mengxia Li's paper was accepted by Chemical Communications
【2013-11-19】◆  Ph. D. student Guangyi Li's paper was accepted by Green Chemistry
【2013-10-29】◆  Scientists in DICP successfully synthesized Ir single-atom catalyst
【2013-10-13】◆  DICP Team Won the Third Prize in the Competition of “Join the Spirit” in China
【2013-08-12】◆  The Operando Raman/IR Characterization System" Passed Acceptance-Check
【2013-07-17】◆  Our study on biomass conversion receives worldwide attention
【2013-06-09】◆  Visit of Prof. Virender Sharma from Florida Institute of Technology
【2013-06-08】◆  2nd International Symposium on Green Chemistry
【2013-06-07】◆  A study on synthesis of renewable biodiesel was selected as Cover Story in Chem. Commun.
【2013-01-15】◆  Top 5 Materials Science news of 2012
【2012-12-18】◆  The 9th High Energy Materials (HEMs) event
【2012-12-07】◆  Visit of Professor Katharina Kohse-Höinghau from Bielefeld University
【2012-12-04】◆  The Paper about “Bimetallic Catalysts for the Conversion of Cellulose into Ethylene Glycol” Receives High Attention in Last Three Consecutive Years
【2012-12-02】◆  Visit of Dr. Pierre Vialettes from European Defence and Company (EADS) China
【2012-11-28】◆  The 16th national conference on catalysis of China
【2012-11-28】◆  The visit of Prof. Masatake Haruta from Tokyo Metropolitan University
【2012-11-28】◆  The visit of Prof. Miquel Salmeron from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
【2012-11-28】◆  The visit of Prof. Adam F. Lee from Cardiff University
【2012-09-26】◆  8th ISIAME Held at DICP
【2012-09-11】◆  The 6th international conference on gold science, technology and its applications
【2012-08-27】◆  Progress in synthesis of high-quality diesel from biomass-derived oxygenated hydrocarbons
【2012-02-08】◆  Progress in synthesis of highly dispersed Ir based heterogeneous catalyst
【2011-09-24】◆  A superstar in 1501 group from Thailand
【2011-08-01】◆  Single atom catalysis
【2011-06-10】◆  The paper published on Journal of Catalysis obtains the most downloaded
【2010-12-24】◆  The paper published on ChemsusChem recieves the most accessed
【2010-06-24】◆  Opening Ceremony of Mössbauer Effect Data Center and International Symposium on Mössbauer Spectroscopy Held at DICP
【2010-05-17】◆  Our recent paper about "conversion of biomass" received wide attention
【2010-02-19】◆  A Study on Biomass Catalytic Conversion was selected as Cover Story in Chem. Commun
【2009-11-30】◆  Our recent paper about "Au-Ag nanoparticles" received wide attention
【2009-09-14】◆  Prof. Tao Zhang received the Zhou Guang Zhao Foundation Award for Applied Science
【2009-04-29】◆  Prof. Tao Zhang was awarded the "Nationanal Labor Medal"
【2008-12-15】◆  Prof. Tao Zhang was invited to be the Editorial Board Team Member of Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
【2008-12-12】◆  A paper receives the first prize of the Natural Science Academic Award of Liaoning Province of 2008
【2008-12-10】◆  Five Students Passed Thesis Defences
【2008-10-15】◆  Professor Zhang Tao Won the Youth Prize of Chinese Catalysis
【2008-09-09】◆  Prof. Xiaodong Wang was awarded the title of " The Top-10 Science & Technology Youth Pace-setters of Dalian "
【2008-07-18】◆  Prof. S. T. Oyama from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University visited our group Copyright© 2012 Laboratory of Catalysts and New Materials . All Rights Reserved.
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